Top 10 Prison Movies

When trying to update the original list of “10 Prison Movies”, I concluded that there were many examples, including recent, all 21st-century origins to add variety. So I decided to make a new list.
Here are 10 more great films on the subject.

1. src=”” Caesar Must Die (Italy 2012 . n a time of so many reality shows, the directors brothers Paolo and Vittorio Taviani take your camera to a maximum security prison, where inmates are the actors. enact the play Julius Caesar, one of the most beautiful texts of William Shakespeare. piece itself and the impact that art has on inmates make this movie a masterpiece of cinema. won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival)

2. Cela 211 (Spain / France 2009. penitentiary agent, even in their first day of work, he finds himself involved in a rebellion prisoners. just wounded and left behind . they do not know how he impersonates inmate and becomes romantically involved much more than it should in the confrontation. terrific movie, tense and well directed by Daniel Monzón)

3. The Prophet (France 2009. in a chain, a young Arab imprisoned for six years, on account of petty crimes, and ascends the hierarchy survives prison, protected by the Corsican group, which dominates the site. with time it receives external missions begins to profit from them and increase their risks. superb film, super winning, winning 9 awards Caesar, the Jury Prize at Cannes and nominated for an Oscar, among others)

4. style=”color: #444444;”> Bronson (UK 2008. based on a true story, follows the footsteps of a criminal who was to become the most dangerous in Britain under the pseudonym Charles Bronson, spending 34 years in jail, mostly in solitary confinement. epic interpretation of Tom Hardy. directed by Nicolas Winding Refn great, a movie is inventive, provocative, somewhat disturbing, but brilliant)

5. src=”” ; Felon – Convicted (USA 2008. Stephen Dorff is a hardworking family man who accidentally kill a burglar who broke into his home and eventually convicted of murder. ends involved in prison violence by guards and prisoners and increasingly complicating their situation.’s a great movie prison, and and nvolvente Seriously, denouncing the vices of the American prison system)

6. Leonera (Argentina / Spain / Brazil 2008. pregnant woman wakes up surrounded by bloody bodies of two men.’s arrested and sent to a prison for mothers and pregnant specifies sentenced, called “Leonera” to “ touches of lionesses. “the film never makes clear whether the central character is guilty or not and focuses on her motherhood behind bars. produced by Walter Salles and directed by Pablo Trapero, is a great movie, though not very pleasant. highlight the brilliant interpretation of Martina Gusman)

7. Hunger ( UK / Ireland 2008. 1981, age hardening of the government of Margaret Thatcher to the IRA, a group of prisoners in Northern Ireland , demanding status of political prisoners started a hunger strike, which gained alarming proportions. rebellion was at the center of the prisoner Bobby Sands – Michael Fassbender – willing to take their protest to the end. p esado, nasty, a movie that makes us feel the pain of the characters. hard to watch, but brilliant in all aspects. fantastic debut from English Steve McQueen and an interpretation of courageous and dedicated Michael Fassbender)

8. Experience (Germany 2001. enlists a team of scientists for 20 people for a common psychological experience in exchange for a cash prize . twelve of them should act as prisoners and eight guards play the role of a fictional prison. everything begins in an atmosphere of camaraderie, but soon the animals embody their characters and the result is disastrous. the scary thing is we get to the end knowing that it is based on real events. violent and cruel movie, showing how man can be naturally bad. superb and uncomfortable. earned a American version in 2010, well below)

9. The Escapist ( UK / Ireland 2008. Brian Cox is a prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment and has been for 14 years in prison without parole, he learns that his daughter has become a junkie and is about to die. therefore decides to organize an escape, he imagine, each time with a different solution. O thymus film, tense and well directed, with a great British cast – and outstanding participation of Brazilian Seu Jorge)

10. Plan Escape (USA 2012. assaults Mel Gibson and a bunch chased by police, is forced to cross the border from Mexico, where it is captured. played in a local jail, controlled by gangsters and corrupt cops, in a strange universe that looks like a slum, where families of prisoners living with them. m woes violent and fascistic nonsense of Gibson, exploring the bad image of Mexican Americans to enjoy. bad, but different)

Honorable Mentions: ‘I Love You, Philip Morris’,’ The Rock ‘,’ Attica, the Final Solution ‘,’ Hell ‘,’ Code of Conduct ‘,’ Redemption ‘,’ Marmoulak the Lizard ‘, …

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