Top 10 Best Short Films in the World (watch on Youtube)

Top 10 Best Short Films on Youtube
Short film, as you all know, is little-in-length film which however has no boundary in expressing the ideas.  Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences defined Short Films as “An original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits”.

In this list of Top 10 best Short Films, I’m going to introduce you some amazing, award-winning, animated and real short films also available on youtube to watch. Enjoy.

Ten Minutes

“While you were watching it, the same thing has happened in various parts of the world. Don’t take life for granted.”

The Life and Death of a Pumpkin

“I think you didn’t know that Fred had seen this film till you red the comments.”

For The Birds

“This is my favorite Pixar short! I think it can really show kids how important it is to not make fun of others who are different than they are!”


“Great video and idea. It is very well done and creative. Love the whole concept of it .”


“incredible acting on gerard’s part! i was in tears just a few seconds after starting it…the desperation in the beginning just felt so raw. amazing amazing short!”


“OMG!!! I only wanted to see this because of Daphne Guinness!!”

The Story Of A Sign


“I didn’t see death, the emphasis should be on the effort, that although it was impossible, he made it happen. All death is certain, what’s important is how we meet that end, either fulfilled or frustrated.”

The Heart Of The World

“This film is absolutely amazing, Madding is pure genius. It’s a shame he’s not better known, yet of course, it’s the prize you have to pay to stay true to such a style. I really like his films, but I always wondered how he gets the money to do them, after all, none of Maddin’s films seem to make much sense as theatrical release.”

Ratrix Hero


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