British Model Attacked with Acid Restores Vision After Stem Cell Surgery

British Model Attacked with Acid Restores Vision after Stem Cell Surgery

The former model Katie Piper underwent surgery after more than one hundred aggression. Former British model and presenter Katie Piper, 29, who was left partially blind after being attacked with acid, regained his sight after stem cell surgery. Piper, who has had more than one hundred surgeries, suffered third degree burns and was disfigured after a man, paid by her ex-boyfriend, threw sulfuric acid on her face in 2008.

Although most of the scars have faded, the left eye of the former model still suffers. Piper told the BBC he did not see silhouettes and had a terrible sense of depth.

Piper wrote on the site of the foundation he created to help burn victims, Katie Piper Foundation, who spent three and a half years trying to accept that it would always be blind in one eye, to hear about pioneering surgery that had the potential to restore his vision with stem cells. “I got in touch with the doctor in charge and introduced myself as a volunteer to be one of the few people in the world to undergo treatment, which involved putting stem cells directly into my eye,” says the British.

The surgery was performed at the Queen Victoria Hospital in the county of West Sussex in southeast England. Doctors used tissue from the cornea of ​​an anonymous donor to develop the Cellular, then sewn to the eye of Piper. Then her eye was covered with an amniotic membrane that surrounds the embryo in the womb and was donated by women who had cesarean sections.

“I had resigned myself (with the loss of vision in one eye). Now, having restored it is a wonderful feeling, “he says.


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