How to Be Anorexic Fast – Diet Plans and Tips to Become Anorexic

How to be anorexic

Many people have a misconception about this topic and they often came into a misconception that this teaches about the eating disorder called “anorexia nervosa”. A person suffering from this disorder is afraid of gaining weight which lead to starvation.

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Diet Plans

Actually this particular diet tells about losing weight by eating right kind of foods that are nutritious.
With the help of this Anorexic Diet you can loss weight by eating food more than three times a day. Well, you will be wondering about this, Right?. Human body is like an engine and it only needs foods at different time intervals every day.

You cannot loss weight if you do not eat food at certain times, because it does not help you to burn calories since this calories are stored as fat tissue. All you need is to take the right meals that are nutritious at the right time.

Anorexic diets tells about drinking plenty of water also. There are certain peoples who ate a lot of food believing that they are hungry, but in fact they are not hungry but thirsty. To overcome this situation drink a lot of water first and see if you are hungry.

It also advances about eating foods that re rich in fiber, because fiber-rich foods are nutritious and they do not contain much calories. Drinking milk that contains less fat is also part of this Anorexic diet. Certain studies proved the that those who are on low fat diet and drinks

low fat milk three times a day is more likely to loss a lot of weight unlike those people who are also on the same diet but do not drink milk through out the day. Calcium can prevent the fat storage and help in losing lot of weight.

  1. Don’t eat processed foods.
  2. Read and learn about anorexia with the help of Anorexia- Bulimia.
  3. Use fingers to eat.
  4. Avoid maximum fat, sugar, carbs and sodium.
  5. Prepare low calorie recipes.
  6. Love and consume more green tea.
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